News aboard Sol Surfin


January 27th
Update, we have just arrived in Mazatlan. Took us 26 hours to get here and it was a beautiful sail down. The moon was full and the breeze was perfect. The best sail yet, I think this is what it is suppose to be like.
Gary and I will hang out here for about 2 weeks while we partake in Carnivale. Suppose to be the 3rd biggest party next to “Brazil and New Orleans. We shall see. We are docked at a marina here. This is the first time we have been docked since we left San Diego. It is nice to be close to land and the buses to get to and from town. There are other cruisers here from all over. Great for us to meet other people to learn the scoop about where to go and when.
We will be here for a little bit, just long enough so I can make some bug screens and prepare for heading down the coast. We will be heading to Isla Isabella and Punta Mita next, then on our way to Puerta Vallarta.