News aboard Sol Surfin


Monday, February 07, 2005

Gary and I are still in Mazatlan, we plan on heading out sometime end of this week depending on the weather. Another storm is expected in this Thursday so we shall see. We had a really wild storm over the last 48 hours. It was really a twister with winds clocking around and raining sideways. Some said they measured it at 50 knots down at the Harbor but we only felt about 35 knots in this marina. We were glad to be tied up to the dock and not too worried about hitting any rocks or swinging around in circles.

I have been feeling a bit restless lately, we haven’t stayed anywhere this long before. I can see how easy it is for sailors to get stuck along the way. We have met lots of sailors that have been here for months and even years when they thought they were only going to stop for a few weeks. You can get really complacent and quite comfortable being tied to a dock and have so much available at your finger tips. It is really easy to be here and not worry about the weather and storms. We are having some stainless steel work done to our radar tower. After that we should be on our way very soon.

We are hoping to head to San Blas and do some surfing on our way to Puerta Vallarta, we will also stop at Punta Mita and other surf spots along the way. A friend of ours, John V., is heading to PV, so he offered to bring some boat parts and our mail down to us. We really appreciate John for doing this for us. It is not so easy to find things in Mexico for the boat. We plan to be in PV by the third week of February. Of course, this depends on the weather, as always.

The storms of the past few days and the rain and lightening didn’t seem to stop the people of Mazatlan from having fun with the fireworks. Carnival is in full swing and last night Gary and I went to see the parade. There were colorful floats with very loud music. Some of the floats were 4 stories high. They must have had some wind damage because most of the higher floats had guys on top holding the tops of them up. They were balancing themselves without support braces, you would not see this in the US.