The Message in the bottle


I can say that I was not sure what to expect when Gary asked me if I wanted to cruise the seas with him. I didn’t know that it was going to be this hard at least not right from the beginning. In some ways though, we are glad to have had the experiences because everything now seems pale compared to the storms that we had to brave to get down the coast of Baja. They say that Pacific means “peaceful”, but there really wasn’t anything peaceful about it, except for a few days or so. I have never been in 15 foot seas before, but I was ready to mayday on a few occasions. (Kinda like the movie the Perfect Storm.) I will never forget Christmas eve. This was the night that all hell broke loose for us. I think that I will save this story for another email, but it is quite a story and one that will stay as a memory for the rest of my life!
We have been reading books about other sailing adventures and we just watched Mutiny on the Bounty last night. It is fun to see these old stories of sailing adventures and compare ourselves to these brave men at sea.
I can say that we are all finally getting into the sailing groove and a lot more relaxed about it all. It is quite a different experience to not know what day it is and to be so tied to information about the weather. I am much more connected to the skies and seas now more than ever before. The ocean is really powerful and she is to be respected at all times and not taken for granted. We are really out here on our own and are learning to be very self- reliant and more confident and capable in our abilities. The other cruisers have been very helpful and always willing to lend a hand or answer questions. We are so new to this whole adventure and find the knowledge of the experienced sailors to be invaluable.