The Message in the bottle


Finally some peace and quiet, plus I got a cold and was glad to have a place to hang out! We met a really cool couple living on their boat “Nala Satia” which is the name for the Indonesian sea goddesss. Rick and Lisa are home schooling Max, who is 16 years old. They like this cove so much that they have been here 2.5 months. They also got beat up and were apart of the Baja Ha Ha group heading down the coast in November. They have enjoyed this anchorage and don’t seem to have any plans of leaving anytime soon.
Gary, Sampson and I have come along way in our sailing adventure. We have had fun swapping lots of stories with the other sailors, who also seem to have had a tough time getting down the coast of Baja. As you all know, it has been a strange season for weather and it has definitely not been the normal weather pattern for the cruisers. This is supposed to be the season for sailing in Mexico. It seems to have calm down now which we are glad for. It is nice to be south enough and to have left the storms that hit us all along the coast and even into Turtle Bay, (which is were we spent Christmas, this is a whole other story!) We did have a few more days of really bad weather and we were stuck in Abreojos (which is just south of Turtle Bay) for a few days longer than we would have preferred. Although Abreojos is where we met Miguel who sold us some gasoline from the local gas station in his garage. (We now carry 55 gallons of gas, since I made Gary buy us another 5 gallon container because I wanted the extra fuel so we can motor longer if we need too.) Overall, it has been a nice sailing experience once we were south of Abreojos and heading into Cabo San Lucas. I am looking forward to warmer waters in Mazatlan. We decided to head across the Sea of Cortez to mainland Mexico and not head up into the Sea of Cortez because it is colder up there this time of year. Not to mention that Gary has not had much time or surf so he is looking for some surf spots closer to Puerto Vallarta. We may come back up this way later when it warms up so we can explore all the islands and coves that it has to offer. Meanwhile, we are heading south to warmer waters and all the palm trees and tropical surroundings. We are enjoying the papayas and I am looking forward to some fresh mangos.