The Message in the bottle


On the way back from the reef, we ran out of gas (Gary swore there was enough) and he paddled the dinghy for about an hour so we really got to hang out up close and personal with the sea lions as we glided by their hang out rocks. I paddled for awhile, but I seem to go circles. Anyway, we had fun hanging out at this place and it was quite a different experience from the fun and crazy Cabo San Lucas!
We ended up spending 10 days in Cabo. Not sure where the time went but we made lots of boater friends. We took a side trip from Cabo and went south up the coast a bit to a really cool diving spot with another Catamaran called “Feet”. We anchored for the night nestled in between a beautiful reef. We had a music party on our boat and played music till late at night.(late is anytime after 8:30 pm!) Our boat seems to have the largest gathering place so we seem to be having lots of the dinner and music parties here. I like it because we don’t have to worry about drinking and dinghing! So Cabo was a lot of fun but we were glad to leave all the jet skiers and cruise ships, which there seem to be plenty of. I am amazed at how some of the jet skiers can be so ignorant and clueless about running circles and making waves all around the boats that are anchored in the bay. For some idiotic reason, they seem to think that it is fun for the boaters!
We were glad to get to Los Frailes, which is about a 9 hour sail from Cabo. We broke it down into 2 days and anchored off of Punta Gorda before we attempted to head around the cape of Baja. The winds and swell were picking up and night was approaching, so rather than brave the cape at night, we decided it best to find some shelter first and leave first thing in the morning. This turned out to be a smart move but the next day it was dead calm and we had no wind what so ever. I would just prefer to turn on the motors and go straight, but Gary’s sailor spirit wants to be a bit truer about sailing so instead he throws out the fishing lines and we glide slowly going 2 knots for a few hours until the wind picks up again. I wasn’t so sure that this was the best idea because in the afternoon the winds really picked up and we took a beating as we rounded the cape and went head on into the winds and swells. It ended up taking us all day to go 20 miles into Los Frailes, because we had to tack so far out to the sea in order to get a good heading back into the bay. (I am still getting use to this zig-zag idea of going somewhere straight ahead!) Along the way, we did happen to see a huge whale breach about 100 feet in front of our bow. The whale came out of the water at least 5 times and this creature was huge! His splash shot up about 20 feet into the air. Really amazing! Anyway, as promised Gary got us into Los Frailes before the sun set, which is how I prefer to get into a new anchorage. We enjoyed this calm cove and had many good nights sleeping away from all the craziness of Cabo.