The Message in the bottle

It is Monday, Jan. 24th at 10:00am; Sol Surfin is now crossing the Sea of Cortez heading to Mazatlan. We woke up at the crack of dawn this morning to listen to the weather report and decided that it was a good day for us to sail across the sea. We have all of our sails up, the main, the jib and our beloved screecher sail, which has gotten us through thick and thin. The winds are about 14 knots coming down from the North and we are doing a beam reach at about 7.5- 8 knots on average. It is good day to sail and tackle this sea crossing. It is about 165 nautical miles to Mazatlan, which will take us about 26-30 hours or so, depending if the wind keeps up. Gary and I are getting the hang of these overnight sails and taking turns of about 4 hours each on the helm. The nights are usually peaceful and it should be beautiful tonight with the full moon approaching. Hopefully, we will not have any cruise ships to avoid tonight! (or fishing boats.)
We have spent the last 4 days hanging out in Los Frailes, which is a little fishing cove and RV’ers paradise around the tip of Baja on the way to La Paz. Great place to take your RV at the end of Baja and experience the good old lazy day life style. We will have to come back here someday with our camper! Gary traded 2 cold beers for a freshly caught Dorado; I guess the fishermen were thirsty after a long day of fishing! This fish also known as a Maui Maui, the fisherman filleted it in a few seconds on the spot.
Gary and I really liked this cove because not only was it sheltered from the winds and swells but it was also a beautiful anchorage with a submarine canyon filled with aquatic life. We snorkeled and explored these canyons which were filled with exotic fish and living coral. Ever night and morning we could see and hear the mantarays shooting out of the water about 10 feet into the air and plopping on the water. There were also schools of fish surrounding our boat. We took our dinghy around the corner to the famous Cabo Pulmo Reef. This reef is a national marine park and is filled with beautiful things to see. We swam with the sea lions and this was a real trip. Each of us took a turn in the water and Gary was a lot more brave than me, because I had to hang onto the side of the dinghy in case I needed to jump quickly back in. The sea lions are amazingly graceful creatures especially underwater. Then they climb up on the hot rocks and laze in the sun just like puppy dogs in a puppy pile. At the reef, we landed our dinghy on the white sandy beach and Sampson (our dog) had fun digging holes in the sand. We met a young couple visiting from Wash. D.C. I guess they wanted to get out of town for the inauguration event! (Humm, we seem to have forgotten all about this) Along the way, we saw a few kayakers who were camping out on the beach, they must have paddled down from La Paz. Looks like another fun adventure to do in a future life.