The Message in the bottle


Hello Everyone!

We have finally arrived in Cabo just yesterday! It took us over 3 weeks.
Lots of storms along the way. Very scarry at times with bigseas and lots of
bad weather. I hear it is raining a lot in San Diego. All those nasty
storms caught up with us. However we finally made it and I now feel like I
can sail in just about any type of weather. The seasickness is getting
better. I definitely feel more like an experienced sailer! The storms
came every 2 to 3 days or so. All we could do was seek shelter in some
coves and wait for the storms to pass so we could continue heading south.

This is the first opportunity to do email. Mostly just fishing villages
along the way. Lots of fish and lobsters. It is amazing how much vacant
land there is in Baja! Really beautiful! The sunsets and sunrises are so
clear and colorful.

The dolphins and whales are amazing. Lots of dolphins swimming along our
bow. Pictures will be posted on our web site soon.

We have hooked up with other sailers and kind of keep an eye out for one
another. We were all heading the same route. Sometimes there were just 2
boats and now we have about 6 boats in Cabo that we have hooked up with at
one time or another along the way.

Gary and I all getting use to the boat and the daily activities of setting
the sails,anchoring,making food etc. Sampson (our dog) is doing great and
getting his sea legs. Finally he has his routine of going to the bathroom
and it is a normal activity now and easy. Of course harder when the seas
are big!

We are not quite sure where we are heading next. Maybe La Paz where it is
not so touristy. It is quite busy here anchoring in Cabo. Nice to be on
land again.

Along the way we stopped in Santa Maria Bay just above Magdalena Bay. This
was a great rest place for us since it took 30 hours of straight sailing to
get us there. We swam ashore and there were no footprints for miles.
Hundreds of sand dollars on the beach the size of small pancakes.

Anyway, we have some great photos that we will be sending to be uploaded on
our website.